“The Michelin Man was very good to Chicago on Tuesday, bestowing stars on 25 restaurants, the largest number in the four-year history of the Chicago Michelin guide.”
– Phil Vettel, Chicago Tribune dining critic

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The grand star Michelin total in Chicago is now up to 25 from 19 last year. There is one 3-star, four two-stars, and 20 one-stars, five of which are new this year. The newly-minted one-stars are: El Ideas, Elizabeth, North Pond, Senza, and The Lobby. To see which restaurants made it to the 2014 Chicago Michelin award list Click HERE. And while Alinea remains at the top of the list there are plenty of other great restaurants to add to your dishable® dining list for future dining occasions.

The Michelin Guide awards restaurants between one and three stars, and they are coveted. Receiving an award can create a legend; losing one can result in significant heartbreak. The Guide itself says that “certain establishments deserve to be brought to your attention” because of the quality of the cuisine served.

Since it started out as a guide to road-touring, the stars are not only associated with quality, but with driving value. Three stars means the restaurant merits a special trip. Two stars indicate the restaurant deserves a detour. Everything will be top-notch, if not perfect, and you should not expect a bargain. One star means that if it is on your way, you should stop. For the kind of restaurant it is, a one star establishment should serve very good food in a pleasant environment.